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Ifantis - Parizaki 3% Fat Gluten Free - 330g

Ifantis - Parizaki 3% Fat Gluten Free - 330g

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About the product: Selected cuts of lean meat flavored with the right spices for the right traditional taste you expect from your favorite Pariza.

About the company: In 1980, the Yfanti brothers opened the first factory in Moschato, which produced and sold cured meats. They created products, which were loved by consumers and quickly gained fame throughout Greece. In 1996, the company THRAKIS GEFSEIS was founded under the name "LUNCHEON MEAT EVROU S.A." with the aim of producing meat-based products and based in the Industrial Area (BI.PE) of Alexandroupoli. At the end of 1998 it was bought by the food industry YFANTIS ABEE and the production of sausages began. The company consists of the production plant and the privately owned distribution center in Athens. The capacity of the factory is 50 tons of sausages per day in one shift. The company cooperates with the parent company YFANTIS ABEE and the other companies of the YFANTIS group. The factory of LUNCHEON MEAT EVROU S.A. produces all categories of sausages (boiled and smoked sausages, sausages, cured sausages, ham-like products). The products are distributed from the factory in Alexandroupoli, the branch in Athens and from the companies of the "DINOMES YFANTIS" group. It has been established for many years in the market with the stable quality of its products and excellent customer service.


Shipping notice: This is a refrigerated product (fridge). Including it in your order makes the order possible to be delivered (and subscribed) only in the destinations mentioned in our Shipping page.

(Greek: Παριζάκι με χαμηλά λιπαρά)

Ifantis - Pariza 3% Vet Glutenvrij - 330g

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