Weather Update

Last Update: Sunday (21:30)

We are glad that it snowed because it is so beautiful outside but then again it makes our deliveries kinda tougher 😅.

As it seems, conditions of sub-zero freeze will endure most of the following week (Monday 8 Feb onwards). Roads are going to be covered in snow and ice making safe-driving a challenging task for our - otherwise - very experienced drivers!

We would like to inform you with regret that your precious Greek delicacies are going to take a little longer to reach you!  We shall monitor the situation very closely and once the road conditions get better our delivery colleagues will fly to you in no time 🚀 . We will keep you posted.

Until then take some magnificent pictures if you haven't done already and just before the snow melts we will be at your doorstep! ☃️

Thank you for your patience!
The Bakaliko Team

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