The Ultimate Guide to Finding Authentic Greek Products in the Netherlands

Getting Started

Buy Greek Foods Online: Discover Authentic Greek Culinary Delights with Bakaliko, the premier Greek online grocery store

Looking for authentic Greek food products in the Netherlands? Bakaliko offers a wide selection of traditional dishes and desserts. Our platform allows you to enjoy Greek cuisine from the comfort of your home.

  • Wide Variety: Our inventory ranges from high-quality feta cheese to olive oil, honey, and exclusive items like mastic raisin and Greek red saffron.



Understanding Greek Product Labels

Learning some key Greek food terms and phrases can help you navigate product labels more easily. Here are essential terms recommended by expatriates:

  • Ouzo and Metaxa: Traditional Greek spirits.

  • Gyro, Moussaka, and Pastitsio: Famous Greek main courses.

  • Horiatiki and Tzatziki: Popular Greek salads and dips.

Visit Food Republic for a detailed guide on Greek food terms and phrases.


Experience Greek Cuisine in the Netherlands with Bakaliko

Bakaliko brings the taste of Greece to your Dutch home. Whether you crave feta cheese, Greek honey, or a variety of traditional dishes, we are your go-to source for the best Greek food products online.

Visit Bakaliko's Official Website for more information and to explore our product range.

Embracing the Online Greek Market


Buy Greek Foods Online: A Direct Path to Authentic Cuisine

Online shopping offers easy access to authentic Greek food products for expats and locals in the Netherlands. The Bakaliko Greek Bakaliko Gourmet Food Market provides a wide range of quality Greek foods online, from Greek wines to premium olive oils.


Experience Top Greek Food Products With Bakaliko

Bakaliko connects the Netherlands to Greece, making online purchases of Greek delicacies straightforward. Its online interface showcases an extensive collection of products premium imported products from Greece. Bakaliko offers updates and live tracking for orders. This maintains transparency and trust throughout the purchase process.

A team of 10 at Bakaliko selects unique, high-quality products. They work closely with suppliers in Greece to ensure the authenticity, flavor, and excellence of each product. Positive customer feedback on Bakaliko's website attests to the quality and authenticity of their offerings.

Customers can find their favorite Greek products easily and arrange convenient delivery times.

Greek Products in Global Trade

  • To the US: Greece exports food, agricultural products, and tobacco to the United States. This makes Greek cuisine globally accessible.

  • Major Imports: Greece's key imports include fuel, machinery, and chemicals. The diverse market also supports Greek goods importation.

  • Exports Leadership: Cheese, olives, and olive oil are among Greece's main exports. These highlight the country's culinary distinction on the international stage.

Concluding Thoughts

Bakaliko is more than a seller of Greek products; it's a cultural bridge in the Netherlands. It offers authentic Greek flavors to expats and locals alike. Bakaliko is a top choice for anyone looking to buy Greek foods online, combining quality with convenience.

Exploring Physical Greek Stores

Discover the Best Greek Food Products in the Netherlands

The Netherlands hosts several key locations offering authentic Greek flavors. Cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Groningen have stores well-stocked with Greek food products. These retailers import directly from Greek producers, making renowned culinary traditions accessible to Greek expats and Dutch nationals. The offerings range from Greek feta cheese to olives.

Explore the Greek Bakaliko Gourmet Food Market in Amsterdam

Greek Bakaliko Gourmet Food Market in Amsterdam is well-known for its selection of traditional Greek delicacies. Located at Sint Nicolaasstraat 68, 1012 NK, Amsterdam, Bakaliko has become a top destination for authentic Greek cuisine. It offers a variety of products, including wines and cheeses, and is popular among both Greeks and expats in the Netherlands.

Customers have praised the quality of Bakaliko's offerings, with a particular emphasis on the honey. A review on Bakaliko's website described it as "one of the best tasting Honeys I’ve ever had!"

Importance of Traditional Greek Products

Greece produces over 430,000 tons of olive oil annually, mainly the superior Extra virgin olive oil. It is also the EU's sole producer of certain cotton varieties. The Greek diet, known for its olives, grapes, and cheeses like feta, showcases a deep culinary heritage. Bakaliko brings this heritage to the Netherlands, offering a taste of home to the 37,382 Greeks living in the country as of 2023, as well as to others who appreciate Greek cuisine.


Visiting Bakaliko or similar Greek stores in the Netherlands offers more than just food; it's a cultural exchange. These stores act as cultural ambassadors, showcasing Greece's culinary traditions. Whether looking for feta cheese, Greek olive oil, or a taste of the Mediterranean, the Greek Bakaliko Gourmet Food Market in Amsterdam is a top destination.

Must-Try Greek Products

Discovering the Best Greek Food Products at Bakaliko: Your Ultimate Greek Bakaliko Gourmet Food Market

Take a Mediterranean flavor journey with Bakaliko, your destination for Greek cuisine. Both Greek expats and Dutch nationals find a taste of Greece with Bakaliko. This online market stands out for its authentic, quality Greek delights.

What Makes Bakaliko the Best Place to Buy Greek Foods Online?

Variety and Quality: Bakaliko boasts over 800 authentic Greek products. From olives to feta cheese, each product reflects Greece's traditional tastes.

  • Ease and Convenience: Shop the best Greek food products from the comfort of your home. Bakaliko makes it easy to access a variety of Greek foods online.

  • Authentic Greek Honey: Greek honey is known for its quality. Raw Greek honey, like Thyme honey from the Aegean Islands, is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It's also recognized for its distinctive aroma and flavor.

Must-Try Authentic Greek Products at Bakaliko

  • Feta Cheese: Essential for Greek cuisine.

  • Olives and Olive Oil: Explore the variety of Greek olives and olive oil for unique flavors.

  • Greek Pies (Pitas): Traditional options like spanakopita and bougatsa for a taste of Greece.

Why Customers Love Bakaliko

Customers appreciate the quality of Greek honey, a favorite for many. They note its unique, not-too-sweet flavor that has floral and citrus notes. Greek honey is also valued for its antibacterial properties, offering health benefits without the cost of alternatives like Manuka honey.


Bakaliko offers more than just Greek products; it's an opening to Greece's culinary traditions. With a wide selection and high-quality standards, it's the premier reliable online supermarket for authentic Greek products for Greek foods. Whether you're well-versed in Greek cuisine or looking to explore, Bakaliko promises an authentic taste experience.

For more information, visit

The Cultural Significance of Greek Food


Exploring Food Tales and the Essence of Greek Foods

Greek cuisine is more than a collection of dishes. It mirrors the rich history and vibrant spirit of Greece. Through Greek food stories, we learn how every bite tells of seasonal cycles, festive events, and connections to the land and sea. Key dishes like moussaka, gyros, and Greek salad are famous for their flavors and the stories they carry. source.

There's a contrasting yet complementary relationship between Dutch and Greek culinary traditions. It's rooted in gezelligheid and φιλοξενία. These terms embody a cozy atmosphere and the love of welcoming strangers, respectively. This fosters intercultural exchange and enriches the appreciation of both cuisines.

Greek Foods and Olive Oil: A Staple of Health and Flavor

  1. Olive oil is a key ingredient in Greek cooking. It's used in grilling, barbecuing, and as a dressing. This showcases its versatility and critical role. source.

  2. Greeks consume 18 to 24 kg of olive oil per person each year. This exceeds the consumption rate in the Netherlands. It's a cornerstone of the health benefits the Greek diet offers. source, source.

  3. Greek olive oil is known for its balanced flavor. It enhances other flavors in dishes, unlike the dominant presence of Italian olive oil. This balance has made it a favorite among connoisseurs. source.

The Bonding Power of Food Tales in Dutch and Greek Cultures

Both Greeks and Dutch value each other's food traditions. They acknowledge the friendship, beauty, and delicious tales from Greece. Approximately 37,382 Greeks live in the Netherlands as of 2023. The two cultures continue to merge and appreciate their culinary heritages. source.

Dutch food etiquette emphasizes polite consumption and avoiding waste. This contrasts with Greek hospitality, which is about sharing abundantly. Yet, both cultures create welcoming atmospheres around meals. They treasure gezellig and φιλοξενία. These concepts highlight warmth, community, and the joy of communal dining. source.

In summary, Greek cuisine offers a deep dive into culture, community, and the lore embedded in traditional Greek foods. Olive oil plays a significant role in numerous dishes. Sharing these captivating food tales and culinary stories helps bridge communities. It fosters a deep appreciation for the rich traditions of Greek cuisine.

Greek Products: A Connection to Homeland

Greek Bakaliko: Your Online Gateway to the Best Greek Food Products

With 37,382 Greeks residing in the Netherlands as of 2023 (Wikipedia), the demand for authentic Greek cuisine is more than just about taste. Greek bakaliko gourmet food markets have become essential, offering the best Greek food products for those seeking a taste of home.

Greek Bakaliko Gourmet Food Market: A Culinary Hub

  • Selection and Quality: These markets cater to the diverse culinary needs of the Greek community abroad by providing a wide range of products, ensuring quality and accessibility.

  • Online Shopping: Buying Greek foods online has made accessing favorite products easier, stocking pantries with essential Greek flavors.

  • Cultural Gatherings: Greek bakaliko markets unite the Greek community, offering opportunities to bond over shared culinary traditions.

Why Choose Greek Food?

Greek cuisine stands out for its emphasis on fresh, high-quality ingredients. Staples like Greek feta cheese, olive oil, and honey define this culinary tradition, essential for recreating authentic Greek dishes at home.

In essence, Greek bakaliko gourmet food markets are not just stores; they are portals to Greek heritage, supporting cultural and culinary practices of the Greek community abroad.

Crafting the Perfect Greek Feast


Crafting a Greek Feast at Home with Authentic Ingredients

Start a culinary adventure by bringing Greece into your home. Greek cuisine relies on fresh, quality ingredients. To create an authentic Greek feast in the Netherlands, consider sourcing these essential items from Bakaliko, a leading online marketplace for authentic Greek products. Bakaliko offers a vast inventory of Greek olive oil and feta cheese, shipped from Greece in properly refrigerated for freshness trucks to ensure freshness.

Step-by-Step Guide: From Market to Meal

  1. Start with Bakaliko: Visit Bakaliko's online supermarket. Explore a wide selection of Greek foods to find all you need. The ease of convenient online shopping experiences lets you buy Greek foods online with no hassle.

  2. Cultural Insight: Understanding basic Greek culinary terms can help avoid confusion when shopping for Greek foods.

Conclusion: Embracing Authenticity

Conclusion: Greek Food Products in the Netherlands

The interest in genuine Greek cuisine in the Netherlands connects people to Greek culture's vibrancy. Both Greeks and Dutch nationals looking for authentic Greek culinary experiences have an accessible option.

Bakaliko: Your Source for Authentic Greek Foods

Bakaliko serves as a bridge to Greek culture by delivering the best Greek food products. With over 800 items sourced directly from Greece, customers can find a variety of authentic Greek products including:

  • Greek cheeses

  • Cured quality meat selectionss

  • Olives

  • Herbs and spices

  • Greek wines

Bakaliko provides a comprehensive Greek shopping experience, whether online or at the store in Amsterdam Centre. The dedicated team ensures high-quality service, representing Greek hospitality in the Netherlands. Discover more about Bakaliko at Bakaliko Store.

Engaging with Greek Cuisine and Culture

We encourage sharing your Greek culinary experiences in the Netherlands. Whether a product reminded you of Athens or Crete, your stories contribute to our community's richness.

Bakaliko is at the forefront of bringing Greek food products to the Netherlands, fostering a vibrant Greek food lover community. Join us in exploring and celebrating Greece's diverse and rich flavors.

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