About Us


Wat betekent het? Bakaliko, is originally a Turkish word that passed into the Greek language. A place that is a cross-over between a meeting point, a cafe and a grocery shop, all in one. In our case it is a digital meeting point for all lovers of the Greek Cuisine and its exquisite flavours.

The Bakaliko store was built around a simple idea: "Greek food should be accessible and affordable to anyone in the Netherlands (and beyond)".So we made that our mission: to offer you a rich variety of Greek products at competitive prices with a personalised level of service. 
Bakaliko is the top online supermarket (eshop) in the Netherlands, offering a wide range of Greek food goods as well as excellent customer service. Bakaliko features everything from Greek wines to Greek olive oil, Feta, and Greek cheese. All of your favorite Greek items at unbeatable rates, with personalized delivery to the Netherlands' most populous cities (Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Delft, Dordrecht, Hertogenbosch, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Zwolle etc.). Our store uses its own fleet of professional refrigerated trucks to distribute Greek delicacies. Customer service is excellent, and the Greek items are of excellent quality. Bakaliko also has a real store in Amsterdam Center where you can discover the majority of our Greek product line.
Bakaliko was founded on a simple premise: "Anyone in the Netherlands should be able to buy Greek goods at a reasonable price. They should not be considered a luxury, but rather an integral component of our weekly culinary routine! "
So we made it our duty to provide you with a wide range of Greek items at unbeatable rates, quick delivery, and a high-quality level of service and shopping experience in the Netherlands.

More than 800 Greek items, Greek wines, and other Greek cooking supplies are available in our online store and physical store in Amsterdam. We choose the items ourselves, focusing on quality. Bakaliko also offers affordable and quick delivery to the Netherlands' major cities (Amsterdam, Hague, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, and Tilburg). Our fleet consists of refrigerated vans with additional attention to safety and hygiene owing to the nature of food.
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