Authentic Olive Oil, Feta Cheese, Bougatsa and more

For sure you can find Feta cheese and Olive Oil in the Dutch supermarkets but is it the real thing? And how about the price?

Did you know that you can find products of better quality, more authentic and a lower price? You name it. Greek Olive Oil from a small bottle to a 5 liter can, directly from Greek producers and imported in the Netherlands. Greek Honey from small and large honey-makers straight out from Greece delivered to your home in less than 2 days. Also Greek Oregano at competitive prices, organic and hand picked from Greek mountains. If you think that these products are overpriced and it costs a fortune to get them delivered to your house, then you probably haven't discovered Bakaliko. 

In Bakaliko we have a very fair and dedicated principle. We want to offer professional service and reliable home delivery, a big assortiment of goods ranging from economic to premium quality and prices tha always are competitive when compared to the big Dutch supermarket chains. We also do things a bit  differently than other Greek shops. Certainly, there are a lof of other ethnic shops like Greek shops, Spanish shops, Italian shops with a lot of really nice products of great quality but most of them are a bit expensive and more oriented towards the high-end pocket. Also very few shops offer home delivery of fresh products such as cheese, meat, dairy, desserts that require refrigeration. It requires the right type of equipment in the warehouse (refrigerators and freezer rooms) but also these products require special handling in transportation. It is very important to have professional vehicles that maintain stable temperatures throughout the delivery route. This usually makes those shops increase their prices and have very high order minimums and high delivery costs. Also most of them do not offer home delivery to the whole of the Netherlands.

In Bakaliko we look at logistics in a very different way. We invested to have a professional infrastructure and our own drivers. We consider transportation of food a very delicate and sensitive operation, especially because we are delivering refrigerated goods such as pies, cheese and others. Everything has to be planned upfront meticulously. From the packaging of the Greek products until making sure the driver follows the optimal driving route to reach you. And this whole operation is difficult, so that why you see a tiny amount of Greek shops that offer Home delivery. Bakaliko at the moment is the biggest marketplace for Greek and other Mediterranean products. Some customers consider us a hidden gem. You can get, for the same or lower price, food products delivered directly at your door and all the Greeks in the Netherlands trust us and do their weekly groceries with us. In our supermarket you will be able to find exactly what you would find in a Greek supermarket in Greece. 

We are an enthusiastic team of Greeks that we put the customer first and we personally handle each request, each problem, each suggestion. We are happy to bring Greek products to the Netherlands also if our customers suggest it. Bakaliko has a vast network of Greek suppliers and each week tens of pallets arrive at our warehouse in Zwanenburg, just outside Amsterdam. You can also do your shopping at the warehouse, we have created a second store there and you can find the full range of our assortiment. Come have a look!