Storage & Wholesale for HORECA (food) products

Bakaliko also offers groothandel - wholesale prices & services to restaurants, delis, cafeterias via B2B Bakaliko, see here.

Bakaliko offers storage options to HORECA businesses & individuals.
(from a few boxes to pallets) for food items, starting from 50€ per month.

Why choose us?
Most storage companies in the Netherlands DO NOT PERMIT the storage of food items. We do!

Indicative Pricelist for 1 pallet ( ±2m height )

Storage Duration Price
1 month 100€ / mo btw excl.
3 months 80€ / mo
Total: 240€ btw excl.
6 months 65€ / mo
Total: 390€ btw excl.
12 months 50€ / mo
Total: 600€ btw excl.

Storage overview

  • Professionally managed food warehouse in Zwanenburg (10mins from Amsterdam)

  • SKAL Certification for storing BIO food products (if needed).

  • Store from a few boxes to many pallets.

  • Storage is only possible for packaged products that do not require refrigeration.

  • Refrigerated / frozen / unpackaged products are not allowed.

  • Our warehouse has a security system, is temperature controlled (cool and always above 0) and has a pest-free certification.

  • Minimum storage time is 1 month.

  • Reduced price for multiple months.

  • Accessible only during the week (no at weekends) between 10:00 and 17:30. You cannot access the warehouse outside these hours.

  • Example of allowed goods: Wine, Olive Oil, Confectionary, Beverages etc.

  • Not allowed: Refrigerated goods, Frozen goods, Fresh fruit, Fresh vegetables.

Extra services (upon consultation)

  • Pick up your items from your location, available for boxes and pallets.
  • Loading and unloading pallets from/to trucks.
  • Order picking, packing and dispatch (groupage & preparation of pallets). 
  • Local distribution and logistic services.
  • Delivery to your clients.



Storage Location

opslag horeca

Storage Gallery

opslag voedsel horeca amsterdam

 Opslag voeding amsterdam horecaopslag horeca amsterdam

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