Buy authentic Greek products in the Netherlands

Buy authentic Greek products

Is Greece a nice place for you? Then you'll like it here! Similar to Greek cuisine, Greek products are known for their ease of preparation and high quality. Authentic Greek products. That is where Bakaliko stands as well. This will make things even easier in your home!


About Bakaliko

Genuine Greek products represent the land, the history, and the culture of Greece. Inspiring small-scale, passionate producers who put their hearts into their products. Learn more about the story behind Bakaliko.


Original Greek Products

The mission of Bakaliko is to bring Greek food into your home. Bakaliko offers a wide selection of daily products that you can use for recipes, as a gift, or just to enjoy at home. On a regular basis, new Greek products are added to the assortment! We want you to experience the wide array of authentic Greek products this fantastic country can offer you. We see Bakaliko as the biggest source of Greek products with a great variety of products that you can use every day,


From the Greek lands to your table

Bakaliko was the result of the lack of Greek quality products on the Dutch market. We have arranged our inventory so that it is as easy as possible for customers to search, so we have grouped it as much as possible together. If you have a question or need advice, please get in touch with us!


Olive Oil of the highest quality

Top-quality extra virgin Greek olive oil from Greece. Produced by small and enthusiastic producers. We put our best efforts to ensure that the taste, quality, and nutrition of our foods remains the highest. In the case of Greek oregano, this is another traditional product. We are impressed by the diversity of products originating from Greece at Bakaliko. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive assortment of quality products. Daily.


A taste of Greece

Authentic Greek. All products come from Greece and several of them have been awarded the Great Taste Award. Greece's product range is compact yet diverse, containing a wide range of well known and lesser known products.


Quickly delivered to the Netherlands 

Which are the best Greek dishes you can cook at home? By placing an order with us, we will ensure that the Greek products are delivered to you at home. Also, Belgian and Dutch friends are welcome. We deliver in Belgium and the Netherlands within 3 business days.

Free shipping on orders over 50€

Are you satisfied with your shopping experience? When you spend more than 50€,- we will send it to you for free (Amsterdam region). Nice deal, right?