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As a child, I was spending most of my summer holidays at my village. Often, my grandma used to walk with me into the cellar describing the annual harvest of the goods they produced, accompanied with stories for each one of them. In some cases, I heard some stories more than five times, during the same month. And you know what, I keep on asking her to repeat all her stories one by one... -Christos P.

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Those personal unique memories makes what you taste, feel real...symbolizes our passion for Greek cuisine and everything that comes along with that. 

We are Christos and Christos :)- two motivated friends with parallel lives, coming originally from two different geographical regions of Greece (Athens & Thessaloniki). Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share one common passion: food! Not just food...our families’ food! We all grew up tasting and experiencing the originality of the Greek food products coming directly from the orchards of our grandparents and we have learnt to appreciate the effort it takes to cultivate land and produce homemade goods and delicacies of pure and incomparable natural quality.


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(Steiri, Voiotia, Greece)

Having moved abroad and being already 'spoiled' by the tastes and memories of our homeland, we couldn’t help but looking back on our roots and rediscovering the importance of knowing what we eat, how it is made and who produced it.

This need drove our decision to walk this path ourselves and to invite everyone else around us to join us in this journey. Together, we have founded Bakaliko.

We aspire to bring to your door unique, quality products coming directly from Greece. We wish to bring the best of Greece at your door, on your table, in your life.

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