Price Updates

Dear Customers,

To start with, on behalf of all of our teams we would like to thank you for choosing Bakaliko for your Greek shopping!

With this announcement we would like to explain some upcoming price changes on some of our products. During the next couple of weeks you will notice increases in the prices of various product categories.

Probably you have been reading lately in news articles that price inflation is hitting the global markets (from raw materials to services). Bakaliko has not remained unaffected. During the whole last year Bakaliko has been absorbing price increases from our Greek suppliers and manufacturers as the costs of raw materials (dairy, olive oil, meat) and packaging (anything with plastic or metal packaging) after the Covid19 breakout has been increasing steadily. We did not want to transfer that increase to our products and subsequently to our end-customers (you) and have been trying to keep our prices stable as much as possible.

After this summer, a point has been reached where new price increases got announced from the manufacturers, which means that we are forced to slightly increase the prices of various goods (e.g. categories most affected such as dairy/cheese/olive oil and anything with plastic/metal packaging) so that our operation is not threatened and we can keep providing the assortment variety we would like and the level of service we aim. We will try to keep those changes as small as possible and always try to absorb part of this cost as much as possible.

As you probably already understood, one of our main principles in Bakaliko is fair pricing and the best value/quality ratio as we select our products very carefully. We do not believe in cheap alternatives and we would like to keep offering you the same quality of products and service as we always did. We also believe in transparency and good communication with our customers so we do owe you an explanation behind such a move!

We hope you understand the reasoning behind these changes and we always remain at your disposal to answer any questions that might rise. Please do not hesitate, reach out to us!

Thank you,
On behalf of the Bakaliko teams


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