Exploring Greek Products in the Netherlands

Exploring Greek Products in Amsterdam: A Guide to Bakaliko and Beyond

Amsterdam, known for its rich cultural diversity, is home to an array of specialty shops catering to various tastes and traditions. For those craving the authentic flavors of Greece, Amsterdam offers several options, with Bakaliko standing out as a prominent destination for Greek products.

Bakaliko: The Greek Haven in Amsterdam

Bakaliko is a leading online supermarket and physical store specializing in Greek products in the Netherlands. Located at Sint Nicolaasstraat 68 in the heart of Amsterdam, Bakaliko has become a favorite among locals and expats alike, offering a wide range of authentic Greek foods and goods.

What Bakaliko Offers

Product Variety: Bakaliko prides itself on an extensive selection of Greek items, including staples like extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese, and oregano. You'll also find a variety of Greek wines, traditional pies such as spanakopita and bougatsa, and an impressive selection of Greek sweets and snacks. 

Online Shopping and Home Delivery: One of the unique aspects of Bakaliko is its comprehensive online store. Customers across the Netherlands can order their favorite Greek products online and have them delivered to their doorstep. Bakaliko's efficient delivery service ensures that even refrigerated and frozen items, such as cheeses and seafood, arrive in perfect condition.

Customer Experience: The Amsterdam store not only offers a vast product range but also provides personalized service. The friendly staff are always ready to help with recommendations and cooking tips. Additionally, Bakaliko frequently updates its inventory with new products, ensuring that customers have access to the latest and best from Greece.


Other Places to Find Greek Products in Amsterdam

While Bakaliko is a major player in the Greek food market, Amsterdam hosts other shops and delis that offer Greek products:

  1. Mediterranean Shops: These stores often carry a variety of Mediterranean and Greek products, including olive oils, herbs, and cheeses. They are scattered throughout the city, especially in multicultural neighborhoods.

  2. Specialty Markets: Farmers' markets and specialty food fairs in Amsterdam occasionally feature stalls selling Greek products. These are great places to find fresh Greek olives, artisanal cheeses, and other delicacies.

  3. Online Retailers: Besides Bakaliko, other online platforms also offer Greek products with delivery services across the Netherlands. These retailers often stock a range of items, from pantry staples to gourmet treats.


Why Choose Bakaliko?

Quality and Authenticity: Bakaliko ensures that all products are sourced directly from Greece, supporting small-scale producers and guaranteeing authenticity. Whether you're looking for high-quality olive oil or traditional Greek pastries, Bakaliko's products bring the taste of Greece to your home.

Convenience: With both an online store and a physical presence in Amsterdam, Bakaliko provides unmatched convenience. The online store is particularly beneficial for those who prefer shopping from the comfort of their home, offering a user-friendly interface and prompt delivery services.

Community and Culture: Bakaliko is more than just a grocery store; it's a hub for the Greek community in Amsterdam. It hosts events, offers recipe advice, and serves as a meeting point for those who share a love for Greek culture and cuisine.

 In conclusion, for anyone in Amsterdam looking to indulge in Greek culinary delights, Bakaliko is a top choice. Its extensive product range, commitment to quality, and excellent customer service make it a standout destination for Greek products in the Netherlands. Whether you're a Greek expatriate longing for a taste of home or a foodie eager to explore Greek cuisine, Bakaliko has something to offer. Visit their website at bakalikostore.nl or drop by their Amsterdam store for an authentic Greek shopping experience.

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