Shop smarter with Prepaid bundles

NEW! You can now top-up your Bakaliko credit balance with our new prepaid bundles.
Example: You purchase the 'Fan' 300€ bundle. You pay 300€ but
you get 333€ worth of credits in your Bakaliko account (+33€ for free!).
Too much to pay in one go? Choose to pay with Klarna in 3 installments (no interest)!


YOU PAY €100 = YOU GET €104
  • Discount 4%
  • You earn 4€
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YOU PAY €200 = YOU GET €216
  • Discount 8%
  • You earn 16€
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YOU PAY €300 = YOU GET €333
  • Discount 11%
  • You earn 33€
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YOU PAY €500 = YOU GET €560
  • Discount 12%
  • You earn 60€
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Bakaliko Black

YOU PAY €800 = YOU GET €900
  • Discount 12.5%
  • You earn 100€
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Prepaid Bundle Terms & Conditions
Please read carefully before you make a purchase.

  • ✔ You get the funds in the form of Bakaliko credits (1euro = 1 credit) and you can use that in every order if you choose so. Navigate to 'My Account' > 'Store Credit' to view your credit balance.
  • ✔ You need to have a Bakaliko customer account in order to purchase a prepaid bundle.
  • ✔ You cannot use the plans in the mobile app yet. We are still building this functionality.
  • ✔ Bakaliko prepaid credits do not expire.
  • ✔ You can use your credits via the cart page dropdown menu. If you do not want to use your credits for an order that is totally fine!
  • ✔ After you purchase a Prepaid bundle, the credits will be added automatically to your Account balance.
  • ✔ IMPORTANT: You cannot use combined a voucher (discount) code or a gift card or an eshop promo, together with store credit in the same order. Please contact us to use both.
  • ✔ IMPORTANT: You cannot choose a partial amount of credits to use in your order. The amount of credit will always try to cover the 100% value of the order except if your available credit is not enough to cover the order value. E.g if you have 300€ of credit and your cart value is 100€, in the cart page you will only be able to use -100€ of credit to pay for the order. You can not use less credits than the order value (e.g. use 50€ of credit and pay the rest). 
  • ✔ Prepaid credits cannot be transferred from one customer account to another customer account and can not be refunded (exceptions apply). The only conditions that prepaid credits will be refunded is if we decide in the future to close the credits programme or if the company ceases to exist. In that case the remaining balance will be returned to your default payment method.

  • In case you would like an invoice for the purchase of your prepaid bundle do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact form.
    If you have any issue with your credits let us know and we will take immediate action to resolve it.

You can always view your remaining balance here.

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