🎁🎄 Holidays Delivery Update 🚚✨

(available only in English)

1. Selected Delivery Dates:

During this high-demand period, there is a chance of 1-2 days of delay beyond your selected delivery date. 

2. Evening Delivery (delivered by Trunkrs):

For those who opt for evening delivery, particularly with mixed contents involving frozen or refrigerated items alongside dry products, Trunkrs might conduct split deliveries. This means your order could arrive in two parts: frozen or refrigerated products on the first day and dry goods on the subsequent day. Rest assured, this method is to maintain the quality and integrity of your items.

If you choose 'Evening Delivery' your order delivery will be carried out by Trunkrs ,an external partner, therefore we cannot affect the delivery after it leaves our warehouse nor we can transfer any message concerning your delivery. You can directly pass information such as directions, postponing, cancellations to Trunkrs through your dedicated link that you will receive. 

3. Christmas Delivery:
Looking forward to having your Christmas feast or gifts on the big day? To ensure your order reaches you in time for Christmas, we strongly recommend selecting a delivery date as early as possible. 

Thank you for entrusting us with your Christmas shopping. Together, let's make this season merry and bright! 🎅🎉

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