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Terkenlis - Greek Tsoureki with Chocolate Paste Filling and Dark Chocolate coating - 450g
Terkenlis - Greek Tsoureki with Chocolate Paste Filling and Dark Chocolate coating - 450g
Terkenlis - Greek Tsoureki with Chocolate Paste Filling and Dark Chocolate coating - 450g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Terkenlis - Greek Tsoureki with Chocolate Paste Filling and Dark Chocolate coating - 450g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Terkenlis - Greek Tsoureki with Chocolate Paste Filling and Dark Chocolate coating - 450g
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Terkenlis - Greek Tsoureki with Chocolate Paste Filling and Dark Chocolate coating - 450g

Terkenlis - Greek Tsoureki with Chocolate Paste Filling and Dark Chocolate coating - 450g

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Brioche loaf filled with chocolate cream and dark chocolate icing
The rich and delicious Terkenlis tsoureki leaves you feeling the sweetest!

Buy online the popular Terkenlis tsoureki – brioche with a swirl chocolate stuffing and also coated with chocolate cream 450gr. Terkenlis brioche is made with fine flour, fresh butter and spices. Terkenlis chocolate brioche is freshly prepared in Terkenlis workshop in Greece, imported to the Netherlands by Bakaliko.

NOTE: This product is made for export and it is frozen right upon production by Terkenlis in their premises using a special freezing technique to maintain its freshness and it’s kept frozen baked until it gets shipped to your door. You will receive tsoureki defrosted and ready to eat same as a fresh tsoureki. They can be consumed within 20 days after they are shipped to you.

Greek Brioche, with Chocolate Paste Filling, by Terkenlis. Enjoy it each moment of the day! The business activity of Terkenlis family in the bakery and patisserie sector begins with the opening of the first flagship store by Stavros Terkenlis at the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotle street, which successfully continues business, up until now. After 40 years, the management of the flagship store is taken over by Pavlos Terkenlis, who sets sail for the development of a store chain including company owned stores, collaborations and concessions and makes the brand 'Terkenlis' well known across Greece but also abroad. Greeks living abroad, take the brand and its products to all corners of the world!

Terkenlis patisserie from Thesasaloniki

Terkenlis was established in 1948 in Thessaloniki as a traditional patisserie which nowadays has turned into a phenomenal brand in Greece specialised in tsourekia – brioches based in Greek traditional and international recipes.

Terkenlis number-one priority is quality in every stage of production by using raw ingredients of the highest quality, by guaranteeing the health and safety regulations during production and ensuring the safe distribution of its produce and also implementing the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

To achieve these objectives there is consistent check and control of all the critical parameters of the processes followed, implementing a Quality Assurance System in line with the ISO 22000 International Standards and the HACCP system.


Cocoa cream cover (27%) (sugar, vegetable oil (palm), chocolate 23% (cocoa, sugar, cocoa mass), hazelnuts, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soybean lecithin, flavours), chocolate paste (20%) (sugar, chocolate 19% (sugar, cocoa, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soybean lecithin, flavoring: vanillin), water, glucose-fructose syrup, vegetable oils (sunflower oil, palm oil), thickener: modified starch, whole milk powder, cocoa powder 2,4%, flavours, emulsifiers (soybean lecithin, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), preservative: pottasium sorbate, hazelnuts), sugar, water, pausterized eggs, cow's milk butter, bakery yeast, vegetable fats (palm oil, palm stearin), white cream cover (sugar, vegetable oils (palm oil), full cream milk powder, skimmed milk powder, emulsifiers: soybean lecithin, flavours), spices, sunflower oil, bread improver (wheat gluten, dextrose, wheat flour, emulsifier: E472e, anticaking agent: calcium carbonate, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, enzumes (wheat)), hygroscopic agents (sorbitol syrup, glycerin), salt, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides fatty acids, corn starch, preservative: calcium propionate. May contain traces of: sesame seeds, other nuts, sulfites, peanuts. Allergens are shown in bold.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark and dry place.
Weight: 0.45 kg
Origin: Product of Greece

We always provide you with relevant information given to us by our partners relating to their products. However, in some cases, the information displayed may be incomplete, automatically generated and/or not yet validated by Bakaliko. Please contact our customer service department via this form if you have allergies, intolerances or questions about any specific items.


Ingredients: Cocoa cream coating (27%) (sugar, vegetable oil (palm oil), chocolate 23% (cocoa, sugar, cocoa mass), hazelnuts, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavourings), wheat flour, chocolate paste (20%) (sugar, chocolate 19% (sugar, cocoa, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavouring: vanillin), water, glucose-fructose syrup, vegetable oil (sunflower oil, palm oil), thickener: modified starch, whole milk powder, cocoa powder 2,4%, flavourings, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids), preservative: potassium sorbate, hazelnuts), sugar, water, pasteurized eggs, cow butter, baker's yeast, vegetable fat (palm oil, palm oil stearin), white cream topping (sugar, vegetable oil (palm oil), whole cream powder, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavourings), flavourings, sunflower oil, bakery improver (wheat gluten, dextrose, wheat flour, emulsifier: E472e, anti-caking agent: calcium carbonate, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, enzymes (wheat)), hygroscopic agents (sorbitol syrup, glycerol), salt, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, maize starch, preservative: calcium propionate.

* Allergens are indicated above in bold purple. soja,αλεύρι,κριθαράκι,όστρακα,βραζιλιάνικα φυστίκια,λακτιτόλη,θειώδη,φέτα,φιστίκια,μαργαρίνη,σογιέλαιο,βύνη κριθαριού,καρύδια,πεκάν,καρποί,σιταριού,σπόροι σησαμιού,ξηρούς καρπούς,βούτυρο,κάσιους,σίτου,αμύγδαλα,καλαμάρι,σιτάρι,αραχίδες,αυγού,αστακός,αυγό,σουσάμι,γαλακτωματοποιητής,σπόροι,φουντούκι,ξηροί καρποί,γάλακτος,Μαλάκια,τυρί,διοξείδιο του θείου,σόγια,σέλινο,γιαούρτι,μουστάρδα,φουντούκια,οστρακοειδή,φυστίκια,βρώμη,γαρίδες,λούπινο,αράπικα,κριθάρι,αράπικο,αυγά,θείο,σησάμι,καρπών,φυστίκι,κρέμα,σινάπι,σουσαμιού,γάλα,almond,amandel,barley,beef broth,cashew,celery,cheese,chicken broth,crab,egg,ei,feta,geit,gerstemout,gluten,goat,groenteboillon,groentebouillon,Haver,hazelnootpasta,hazelnootpraliné,hazelnoten,hazelnut,hazelnut praline,kaas,kippenbouillon,koe,koeien,lactose,lobster,lupine,maīs,maïsmeel,macadamia,melk,melkpoeder,milk,Molluscs,mosterd,mosterdpoeder,mosterdzaad,mussel,mustard,mustard seeds,noten,nuts,oat,oyster,parmezaan,peanut,peanuts,pecan,pistache,pistachio,prei,runderbouillon,rye,selderij,sesam,sesame,sesamzaad,shellfish,shrimp,soy,soya,sulfiet,sulfites,sulphite,tarwe,vegetable brothe,vegetables broth,walnut,weekdieren,wheat,whey,yoghurt,yogurt,ζωμός κοτόπουλου,
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
M.K. (Enschede, NL)

You definitely need to try it!

M. (De Meern, NL)
Frozen for fresh!

I was very disappointed when I received it and realized that the product is actually frozen. I don't know why is sold as fresh and sent to clients defrosted, when I had more frozen items in my order and even sweets (Kok-Mini). The product itself is quite stale. I don't know if this is the famous Terkenlis quality or it has to do with the fact that was already defrosted for a week... All-in-all, a big disappointment, especially for the price that is already increased (we bought it 12.50euros 10 days ago)!

Thank you for leaving us your feedback! We really want to hear what our customers think. Let us clear up a few of your questions.

This tsoureki is explicitly stated in the description of the product online here in this webpage that it is frozen from the producer (not us) and received to our warehouses in this state. You can directly see this information in the top of the description in the website with different text color so to make it really obvious. The reason that the manufacturer uses this special freezing technique is because tsoureki can dry up really easy especially during the (sometimes) 1 week transportation from Greece to NL. This common technique is being vastly used all the time by all the manufacturers and retailers for a lot of different shops such as bakeries, supermarkets, sweet shops when goods have to travel a distance. Plus, it is the same practice followed by most of the online shops for this tsoureki here in the Netherlands.

This product is not sold as fresh but is sold as unthawed fresh as described in this page above and is sold like that according to the feedback of our customers and the way tsoureki is consumed in Greece. It is a rather unpopular choice to keep tsoureki in the freezer and according to our customers they would like to consume it immediately. Also quite a lot of customers are choosing this to be delivered as a gift (it would be a rather bad experience to receive a frozen gift). Last, a lot of our customers do not have the space in their freezers to store such a big product (this is all true feedback we have been receiving). Hence the decision to always deliver it unthawed according to the majority of the feedback we have been receiving. If still any of our customers would like to have it delivered frozen for any reason we would be very happy to accomodate that as it is far easier logistics wise to ship it frozen.

Concerning the quality of the product, we have been selling the Terkenlis line of products for a long time now and personally being fans of this tsoureki we find it as fresh as when bought from stores in Greece. We haven't received any opposing feedback from our customers but we openly welcome all to send their opinions freely. Concerning the price, we adjust the prices depending on the costs of the Terkenlis products which are passed to us with each order we place. Although this is quite unfortunate for the customer, it is the only way to keep offering products to the Netherlands as generally our company operates very with low profit margins and therefore we can not absorb such costs ourselves, especially during these challenging times.

Concerning your comment about the miniKoks product we deliver them frozen and mention them as frozen (we feature frozen delivered items with a large blue snowflake in the image but also written in the description). We expect that this is clear.

Finally, we appreciate that you left your honest opinion and we welcome everyone to share their experiences as our only goal is to make our customers happy and improve our services with each single comment we receive. Once again thank you and we hope to satisfy you with some other of our products!

Kind regards,
The Bakaliko team

A.M. (Zoetermeer, NL)
So good

This is one of the many traditional Greek desserts, a must try! Very tasty!

E.C. (Amsterdam, NL)
Very tasty

Delicious tsoureki. I would prefer the traditional tsoureki for Easter, but this one is a good option if you cannot find the traditional one.

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